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All gift cards sales are final and non-refundable.

$50- $1000


Have something to look forward to and enjoy with elearngift.com one gift card - purchase over 200 online Languages.

Terms and Conditions

1) Gift cards must be used as a form of payment towards a new reservation made directly with TripGift. 2) Gifts cards are valid only in USD for all products that we have available. 3) Gift cards can only be applied to a NEW individual reservation made in USD by US based (domiciled) residents. 4) Gift cards may be applied to a group reservation where available. 5) Gift cards may not be used towards property credit or to settle any additional unspecified Hotel, Private Tours, Airline or Car Rental charges. 6) Full payment is required at the time of booking. 7) A maximum of (2) eGift card codes are permitted per transaction; any outstanding balance can be paid using Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx. 8) All reservations are subject to availability. 9) Once a reservation has been made with a Gift card, normal cancellation policy and cancellation payments shall apply, subject to the terms and conditions of your booking. 10) Changes to reservations may not be permitted. 11) All Gift cards are non-refundable and not replaceable whether lost, stolen or if booking is canceled. Gift cards are not transferable. 12) Gift cards shall be void where prohibited, if used for fraudulent or illegal purposes or restricted by law and if sold for cash or other consideration and if used by non-US domiciled residents. 13) Each eGift has no expiry date, subject to any applicable Country and local State law and any required residual refund value in certain Counties and States. 14) You may redeem this eGift card online directly with TripGift. This card is not redeemable for cash except where required by law. 15) For processing and compliance reasons please allow a minimum five (5) days lead time from today to make any travel bookings on the website. For this reason same day bookings cannot be supported as the lead time for Bookings and check-in is 5 days.

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Range: $50- $1000